Saturday, January 28, 2006

The staff dance

The staff dinner-dance was on the Friday, February 9th at an hotel on the outskirts of the city. It was quite an event and the company that Iris worked for did their staff proud. The dinner started at 7pm and we got there half an hour earlier for the official reception. I only knew a couple of people there whom I’d met when picking Iris up from work occasionally; the rest of them were unknown to me.
There would have been about fifty or sixty there and as we entered the reception lounge, all eyes turned towards us. Iris, I could see, was feeling a little uncomfortable but she clung onto my arm as we approached the bar. It wasn’t long before several of her colleagues joined us and introductions were exchanged. Iris looked absolutely stunning in her new dress and once again she was wearing the jewellery I had bought her for her birthday. I could see that her friends were absolutely amazed as we walked into dinner to begin our meal.
Afterwards, it was the dance and we made for the floor straightaway. I’ve mentioned before that we were both very keen dancers and this was one thing in which Iris excelled. Her self-consciousness disappeared as we danced round the floor. We danced all night and as I was holding her, I detected that she was wearing the perfume I had bought her. She had put some on her tongue and that really aroused me! Several times Iris was asked to dance by her male colleagues; she said afterwards that it was the first time she had been noticed so much. I was so very proud of her that night.
I took her home around midnight and we were very tired. We just sat quietly together on the settee with my arms round her until after 2am. I had to tear myself away as I had an early start the next day; I wished I could have stayed there all night. God, how I loved that girl!

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