Sunday, January 29, 2006


The day after the staff dance saw me back with Iris around mid-morning on the Saturday. I took her shopping in town and we had a pub lunch there. I never was one for traipsing round shops; however, I made a special effort for Iris. (Traipsing; a word my old granny used!)
I noticed that even now, only going shopping, she had made an effort to look her best. This was something that she would never have dreamed of a few weeks ago. I commented on how attractive she looked and she said that she was doing it to please me! This was another milestone, as she had never bothered with herself much before. I could see that she meant it and I realised she did indeed care for me.
That night, we went out with the crowd from work (my workplace) with Andrea and friends. I was working one of the clubs in Barnsley. It was known as the “Comedian’s graveyard” but either the audience was tolerant that evening or I gave a much better performance than I realised. In any event, I went down very well and much better than I thought I would. I was still so happy with the change that had come over Iris; I could have done a song and dance act as well!
Later that night, back at Iris’ home, I thought that after waiting so long, I would finally enjoy a most intimate evening. This, unfortunately, was not to be; fate decreed that Iris was in no position for a passionate interlude. She was quite embarrassed about it and found it difficult to tell me. However, I got the message and we just settled down for a close embrace.
This was 1973, remember, and girls were very coy about talking about “Women’s problems.” I always thought that phrase was a misnomer; surely it should have been called “Men’s problems!

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