Sunday, January 15, 2006

Birthday girl

Monday Jan 15th 1973...
I remember this day so very well. I had booked a table at a very up-market restaurant and had bought Iris a beautiful choker and matching earrings as a birthday present. It was a working day for both of us and I couldn't wait to see her that night. I had telephoned her earlier at work saying I would be picking her up around 7pm. I was looking forward to a memorable evening; sadly, I would be disappointed.
We went to the restaurant and had a very enjoyable meal. Iris had fixed her hair and was wearing a new skirt and top. She had never been one for dressing for the occasion; probably because she hardly went anywhere of note. However, the evening passed pleasantly and upon returning to her house, I gave her the birthday presents that I had bought her and I thought she'd be really pleased with them. It was an anti-climax; she didn't appear to be over-enthusiastic. She thanked me but I could see that there was something wrong. It was getting very late and I had to get off home.
Before I went, I asked her if she liked her gift and she replied that they were very nice but I shouldn't have bought her such very expensive jewellery; the evening out would have been enough. Once again, I seemed to have loused it up and I went away wondering if I should pack it all in and try and forget her.
That night, at home, I drowned my sorrows until the wee small hours, cursing the fact that I was so helplessly in love with her.

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