Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to reality

It's time to get back to the humdrum business of everyday life after the Yuletide break.
Someone once said that April was the cruellest month; I think it was T.S. Eliot. From my own experience, January is the cruellest. It is in this month that old memories return and past heartaches are relived. It is a dull and dreary month with little prospect of the warmth of summer returning.
January was the birth month of the woman that I loved above all others. I was so very lucky to find her and so totally devastated when she died. I'm still wondering whether to record our story or not. I think that most probably I may do.
On a lighter note, what do you do with all the mince pies and Christmas cake that you got for the holidays that were never eaten? There are always a few left and by now, you are heartily fed up with them! In the north-east region, Newcastle, for example. there is a night set aside for the eating and drinking of everything left over from Christmas. Friends and neighbours will pool together whatever that they have left and hold a party. This usually occurs on the first Saturday after the New Year and it is a tradition that has been observed for several decades.

As I said in my previous blog; I am not one for making resolutions but I think that I may just be tempted to make one; that is to try and mend a few fences and to hold out an olive branch to one or two people. I hope that I am successful in this venture.

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