Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I’m back from my Scottish break and feeling fine.
Spent a bloody fortune on prezzies for folk but then again, I enjoyed chasing round looking for suitable souvenirs. I had some difficulty in getting a cairngorm for a friend but I managed to find one together with a falcon’s claw mounted in silver. These were very popular in Victorian times but I suppose fashions change over the years. Fortunately, there was no difficulty whatsoever in getting hold of some very decent single malt whisky.
We stopped overnight at three places on the way up to visit various areas but we came back in one day. It's a hell of a drive back from where we stay. It's around 400+ miles. We only stopped twice; once for a cuppa and once for a call of nature! Hopefully, we'll be going back up there in a few weeks.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm off to Scotland in about five minutes...
For a whole week, I'll be free from other people's problems, petty stress and interruptions. I'm going to enjoy myself and relax!
Try not to miss me too much!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wonderful days

As the Spring of 1973 continued, the weather was remarkably good and during June, it was warm and sunny day after day.
I had taken my family down to Cornwall as usual for a week and, as previously recorded, I had to return there to Falmouth a few days later to sort out a few problems for my company. Iris had gone down with me but it wasn’t much of a holiday for her as I was working most of the time.
On returning home, I found that I had several club bookings which prevented us from going very far. Iris came with me to most of the venues but there wasn’t an awful lot of glamour in places like Heckmondwike, Worksop or Barnsley! However, we did find a couple of weekends free and spent them in the Peak District of Derbyshire.
We both needed to get completely away for more than just a few days and we were looking forward so very much to the fortnight we had booked at the end of July in Berwick. The warm weather and being together as much as we could, prompted me to write more poetry for her. This is one that I penned around this time.

To my darling Iris, just for you.

I know my love. Her love for me does show
In sweet and tender ways. So well I know
That she does love me.

I look at her and gaze into those eyes
Which melt my heart and makes me realize
That she does love me.

We do not have to prove to one another,
Our feelings, which we bear so very much.
The simple things that shows she is my lover;
A look, a kiss, or just a simple touch.

I see my love; I see her every day,
To hold her close and listen to her say
That she does love me.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An old friend returns

I was on MSN last night when I found myself chatting to a close friend from way back.
I hadn’t spoken to her for around two years and it was so delightful to see her again.
Her name is Leslie and she hails from Alabama. She used to send me all sorts of Civil War stuff as she lives close to several historic battlefields.
We had a good old natter and she’s now back home on a more permanent basis. This really made my day! I’ve asked her to send me a couple of Confederate tee-shirts as the previous lot she sent me have worn out! In return, I’m looking out for something of interest to her when I go to Scotland next week.
She really cheered me up no end. Did me the world of good!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


For several years, our family holidays had been in Cornwall; usually staying near Looe. The kids loved it down there as we stayed in a large guest-house with its own mini-club, ballroom and lido. It was the ideal thing for a family with young children.
We generally had our holidays early June and late August. The only drawback there was parking in nearby towns and villages; it was a nightmare sometimes!
Naturally, in the summer of 1973, I had Iris to consider as well. A friend of mine solved the problem; his sister had an eight-berth caravan in Berwick-on Tweed. It was situated in a holiday village overlooking the sea. It was a modern caravan with plumbed-in water and toilet facilities and ran on mains electricity. I immediately realised that this was just the thing for us; no regular meal-times, no early morning breakfasts and all the time in the world to do what we wanted.
June came and Iris bade me a tearful goodbye before I went to Cornwall for a week. It was the first time I’d left her for so long before since my previous trips to Cornwall when I was working down there earlier in the year. Iris knew I had family commitments and accepted the fact. I promised her I would take her away later in the year. She was overjoyed.
No sooner had I returned from my holidays, Guess what? I had to go down to Falmouth again for a couple of days; this time, it was a working trip! Iris was due some time off from work so I took Iris down to Falmouth with me. She’d never been there before; in fact, she’d hardly been anywhere! She was delighted when she saw the place and although she had to be on her own during the daytime, we had some great times in the evenings with some of the staff from work.
The last two weeks in July were the official holiday weeks in our area. We decided to book the caravan in Berwick. We had already visited Berwick for a long weekend in May as I’ve already described. We were looking forward to two whole weeks of being together; uninterrupted and away from everything.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bloody hackers!

The up and coming forum that was going great guns has been hacked by a jealous ex. of one of the members.
We’ve had to start again right from scratch. All the posts were deleted and the site trashed!
Fortunately, Gabrielle has come up trumps with a brand new forum and we’re getting it together again.
Please pay us a visit on:

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Feeling so low today

I’m feeling very low today…
I keep thinking of Iris and it’s making me so very sad. I’m not religious but if I were, then I would say that God was a bastard for taking her away from me!
We had eight years of sheer happiness and since then, I’ve had over 25 years of being without her.
I’m a grown man, ffs, and I sometimes cry like a baby!
Last night, I sat down and wrote a poem to her; one she will never see but it helped me to release some of my sorrow. Those who read my blog may find it silly and maudlin… I don’t give a shit; it’s how I feel!

Iris lives on in my heart!

Not for you, the wrinkled face of age,
No aching limbs; no thinning hair of grey.
The memory I have of you will never fade,
You'll be forever as you were that day.

Those soft grey eyes that looked at me so tenderly,
Those lips that spoke to me of love so true.
I see them now; you're with me constantly,
Though years apart, I'm still in love with you.

I can't forget the happiness we shared,
The many times that we were there together.
You were my love; the one for whom I really cared
I thought those days would always last forever.

Remembering those days when you were by my side,
I see you now as though you're still with me.
You will not change; the years can never hide
My love for you for all eternity.

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