Monday, January 09, 2006

January 1973

Referring to old diaries, I remember having to go to a conference in Birmingham that lasted three days from Jan. 10th to 12th. Normally, this would have been a welcome change to my usual work pattern but I found it so agonizingly frustrating. It meant three days without being able to see Iris and I had an inkling that her ex was going to come back on the scene. I didn't know the man; never met him but I hated him all the same!
To be fair, the conference was interesting and very beneficial to my career but I couldn't wait to get back home on Friday evening. Unfortunately, it was very late when I got back and much too late to pay a social call on her. I had no contact with her all week apart from sending a postcard showing beautiful Birmingham!
Laying in bed that night, I was picturing her with her ex whom I imagined had come back into her life. I never slept a wink!

I have been chasing around today trying to get more information for a friend. I wasn't very successful but there is the possibility of help from a couple of obliging archivists. I hope I can access the relevant records as I am beginning to get quite absorbed in this incident. In actual fact, it has nothing whatsoever to do with me but it means a lot to another and I would hate to fail after I promised I would get a result.

Apropos something entirely different... Over the Christmas period, I noticed that chestnuts were virtually impossible to get. I tried several supermarkets with no luck whatsoever. The market stalls I visited didn't have any either. Very unusual at this time of year. Wonder where they all went?

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