Monday, January 30, 2006

St. Valentine's Eve... So very special!

I didn’t see Iris for a couple of days as I was tied up at home Sunday and Monday. I only managed a quick half hour early Tuesday evening as I had arranged to take my mother to the theatre.
There was a dance advertised the next day at one of the clubs. It had a big concert-room with a polished sprung floor. About once a month it would put on a dance evening for members and guests. This one was billed as an “Eve of St. Valentine’s Dance” with a very comprehensive buffet laid on. I knew Iris would enjoy it so off we went.
Once again, we met friends from work including Andrea and the two of them seemed to get on like old buddies. During the course of the evening, while dancing with Andrea, she said that Iris had told her that she was getting quite serious about me; I said that I wished she had told me instead. Andrea teased me by saying that I should have known the signs; the new hairdos, her appearance, her wearing of my perfume, etc. All these things, she said, made it so obvious. As a mere man, I confessed that I wasn’t as observant as a woman in these matters!
The night wore on and Iris was snuggling up to me as we danced; I could hardly wait until the dance finished and we could go home.
We arrived back at Iris’ home around midnight and we were in each other’s arms as soon as we got inside the door. We didn’t speak; we didn’t have to. I guided her onto the settee and in a matter of a few minutes we were making love! It was a warm and passionate lovemaking; all those weeks of doubts and worries vanished into oblivion. I knew then, that there would never be anyone else in my life so important to me; nobody else would ever come between us. Iris told me she was so very, very happy.
It seemed as though we lay there all night but I remember it was around 2am when I finally and very reluctantly left. I had no choice; it was back to work in the morning and I had to return home to change.
Later that night, back home, I couldn’t sleep, even though I was tired out. I sat and wrote another poem for her; I had to, I wanted to tell her of my love.

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