Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Second thoughts

I wrote previously that I thought that January was the cruellest month. In my case, it's because I was so very happy at one time when I was with my love. We went to all the parties, all the functions and as it was her birthday in January, we celebrated that as well. I have decided to write about her and I shall begin by describing the most momentous January I ever had in my life.
Some of this, I have written about previously in a potted biography of our life together; I shall start by recalling how we first met.
It was one December, I was invited to a housewarming party by two of my friends. I knew a few people there but most of them I had never met before. During the course of the evening, I noticed a girl who had been by herself most of the time and it transpired that she was a regular baby-sitter for my hosts. I found that she was being ignored by most of the guests as she wasn't one of the regular 'in' crowd. I think that she had just been invited to make the numbers up and she looked so lonely and out of place. I struck up a conversation with her over a drink and learned that she had recently split with her boy-friend after a two-year on/off relationship. Her invalid mother had died a couple of years ago and she had spent most of her life looking after her. She was dressed in a skirt and top where most of the others were in semi-formal attire. A rather mousey creature, I thought and not one who said a lot. She left the party quite early as she had quite a way to go and relied on public transport to get home. However, there were two things about her that caught my attention. She had long dark curly hair (I'm an absolute sucker for long hair!) and she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were warm grey eyes and when she smiled, they seemed to light up her face. The party continued and I left in the wee small hours. As I was driving back home, I kept thinking about this strange quiet girl and I realised that I had never asked her name!
This was my first meeting with someone who would change my life forever just as I would change hers.

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