Thursday, January 05, 2006

Old memories

I have just been browsing through an old diary from 1973. This was the year that I have been talking about; my first year with Iris.
Turning to Jan. 5th 1973, I saw that this was the day that I first took Iris out for the evening. We went to a club in the city and introduced her to a local popular singer who was appearing that night. He rose to prominence in later years and we kept in touch. He was Joe Longthorne.
Entry also says that Iris wasn't very sociable that night. I think I can remember that it was because her ex. had been in touch and wanted her to go back to him.
She didn't tell me at the time but she mentioned it a few days later.

I am a confirmed diarist and have them going back many years. They have been very useful when I wanted to check on times and events. Sometimes, I go through these diaries just to reminisce to myself how wonderful life was then. Iris started keeping a diary when we first met. I gave her one and she took up with the idea almost immediately. I found some of them after her death some years later. It broke my heart to read them and to know how much she loved me.

Enough of this; getting too maudlin. Tomorrow I'm off to Chesterfield to check up on a few things. Hopefully, it will be time well spent.

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elizabeth adele said...

Talking about things that hurt the most, allow you to deal with them better. Keep writing.