Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bored out of my skull!

Recent blogs have covered the first month of my relationship with Iris. This happened way back in 1973 and in those days, the probability of a “quick shag” on a first date was virtually unknown.
This, coupled with the fact that Iris was not ready to commit herself to a serious liaison, meant that I would have to win her trust as well as her affection.
There were times that January when I despaired of ever getting anywhere with her but I’m so very glad that I persevered. From February on, we would be in love with each other until the day she died. No couple, married or not, could be happier than we were nor could they be more devotedly faithful to each other.
The story will continue in February but for the time being, on to other things.
In the meantime, would readers please leave comments on whether the Iris saga stimulates any emotional feelings or is considered boring and uninteresting.

Right now, I’m going through a period of melancholy ennui. My recent semi-retirement is getting to me as I have always been so active and had so very many interests.
I think it’s because I’m not writing as many articles for magazines as I used to and I am not chasing up and down the country delivering speeches. From an early age, I have been a committed nationalist and have been proud to have associated with well-known nationalists and to have gained their respect. I find that retirement isn’t half as attractive as it’s cracked up to be!
My other interest is boating but in the icy throes of the winter season, this is totally out of the question. I am seriously considering writing a book on the canals and rivers that I have navigated but I have yet to find a publisher that appears to be more than mildly interested. There is no guarantee, of course, that if and when I complete the book, it will be accepted for publication.
I have written in various magazines about my journeys up and down the waterways but unlike most writers, I didn’t bother about how to get from A to B but I delved into the history of the places and turned over a few stones to see what lay underneath. Quite often I discovered a wealth of interesting lore that way which made for a good story.

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