Thursday, April 27, 2006

Election fever

Local members of the BNP are pulling out all stops this year to make a positive breakthrough in the coming elections.
With the government in trouble over recent gaffes and blunders, there is every chance that regular Labour voters may turn to the BNP this time.
I, although not a current member of the BNP, have given the party my 100% backing and have produced several thousand leaflets for local candidates. I have also helped in other fields and I hope that my small input will reflect in the results of the elections. First and foremost, I am a dedicated nationalist and anything I can possibly do to further the cause of nationalism, I shall do, irrespective of party or group.

Monday, April 24, 2006

A dilemma

I have mentioned before, a young friend of mine whom I have been helping, to come to terms with her problems.
Things are now spiralling out of control so much that she is in danger of going into a world of complete fantasy. She is refusing any help or advice and is fast becoming a semi-recluse and avoiding anyone or everyone who wishes to help her.
After some deep deliberation, very reluctantly, I have recommended that she should be given professional care for her own protection. This may mean a temporary incarceration
It has not been an easy decision, as hitherto, I have always tried to prevent this from happening.
However, I see no other course left open; I sincerely hope I am doing the right thing because, quite frankly, I’ve had enough!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring has sprung!

The last few days have been decidedly more Spring-like after the dull cold days of Winter.
The Spring of 1973 saw quite a few warm days; a rarity in some years and we made the most of it.
Iris and I took advantage of the weather and we spent three or four weekends in April out and about all over the place.
We would leave home early Friday evening and check into a pre-booked hotel or pub and spend the whole of the next day exploring the area. Saturday evenings, we would return home until Sunday morning when I would return to my family.
W had our favourite haunts; I always loved the Peak District of Derbyshire and never tired of taking Iris there. She favoured a coastal trip to Scarborough or Whitby. She always said that she had missed out on seaside holidays as a child and just loved walking on the beach licking an ice-cream cornet! Simple pleasures but it made my heart dance to see her so happy.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My political life

I started being interested in nationalist politics when I was in my early twenties. I have held positions in various parties ranging from Area Branch Leader to Party Leader!
From my early days, I took to public speaking like a duck to water and down the years, built a reputation as one of the leading nationalist speakers in the country.
I have spoken in Trafalgar Square at the big rallies of yesteryear and at meetings in every major town and city. I was trained and encouraged by the greatest man I ever knew. He was both friend and mentor to me as well as being a great nationalist leader. He was Sir Oswald Mosley and his followers and I worshipped the very ground he walked on.
There are many stories I could narrate about my political life but it isn’t a subject that is suitable for this blog. Iris was non-political when we first met but she later began to accompany me to meetings occasionally and always attended annual dinners and social functions. She was very popular with other nationalists; one or two even admitted to falling in love with her! I was always proud to have her by my side at these events.
My wife, however, was always a staunch nationalist and her claim to fame is that she was the first woman nationalist to stand in an election after the war and the first woman to stand as a candidate for Mosley. Her greatest moment was when Sir Oswald first dined with us. She must have made a good impression on him with her cuisine because he dined with us again on a future occasion!
I shall not dwell on my nationalist activities but I could literally write a complete book about them!

The writer with Sir Oswald Mosley taken in April 1959 at Islington Corner The man on the left was Frank Hamley, Yorks. Regional Organiser.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A memorable weekend

The weekend of April 12th-14th was one of absolute delight.
Friday evening saw me working a local club and Andrea (my secretary) and colleagues from work came to see me. It was a favourite venue of mine and I always went down pretty well there. During the evening, I was lucky enough to win the ‘Tote.’ This was a ‘Pick your numbers and hope they come up’ sort of thing. I found that I’d won £85! It was a considerable amount of money in 1973 so after the show, we all went to a very up-market Chinese restaurant for a meal on me. Later, back home, Iris was in a very tender mood and we were still in bed at 10am the next morning!
We went out into Derbyshire that Saturday afternoon and stayed out until the evening, getting back about 8pm. It was too late to get changed to go out so we had an early night. I got up the next day, Sunday, feeling tired but so very happy! I remember writing a poem for her later that night and I gave it to her the following day. This was, unfortunately, one of many that disappeared. It was one of my better poems and I’ve tried to remember it but I can only recall a few fragments. That selfish bitch of a sister had a lot to answer for!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Getting stuck into things

Following my production of an election leaflet for the BNP, another candidate asked me if I would design and print one for his area. I was shown a copy of the leaflet issued by their HQ and I was saddened to see such an appalling and slovenly produced document. It was riddled with errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar and this fired me into producing a leaflet that would shame it!
I had to write and express my disapproval to the originator of the first leaflet, pointing out various errors. Naturally, I received no reply. The moron wouldn’t have understood, anyway!
As I said, a publication is the shop window of the Party and as such, should be without fault. Just a little care would have prevented such errors but it didn't surprise me to be totally ignored! Nevertheless, I shall continue to make every effort to help in this election; proscribed or not!

Ps… Anyone out there knows where to get cheap toners for an Oki C3100 printer, please let me know! Colour cartridges at £70 and black at £30 is a bit over the top!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April love

The Winter of 1973 has gone and Spring arrived. It was so very pleasant going out in the warmer weather. Easter was late that year and we went for a long weekend in Derbyshire.
We stayed at a country hotel only 20 miles away from home but we thoroughly enjoyed the change.
I love Derbyshire and I took great delight in telling Iris all about the places we went to. I showed her all over the Peak District; the Rocking Stones at Rowsley, the Nine Ladies at Stanton-in-the-Peak, the Petrifying Well at Matlock Bath, Riber Castle nature reserve and the Peak Cavern in Castleton.
We crammed an awful lot into those three days and Iris was so very happy that weekend. It was the first time she’d been away and stayed in an hotel. It was another world to her at the time. It was one of many weekends we would have like this over the years. There are still places all over the country that I have never returned to. I wouldn’t enjoy them any more.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why did I bother?

In the last few days, I have been asked to help in a local election campaign.
The BNP is standing in a few areas in my city and I was approached by one of the candidates to produce some election leaflets; I agreed to do this. I edited and amended the draft leaflet accordingly to make it more presentable and printed them.
This was a job that I enjoyed doing. It gave me some satisfaction that I was, in some small way, contributing to the BNP’s prospects in the forthcoming elections.
I was asked by several of my nationalist friends why I bothered to do this for a party that has proscribed me. My answer was a simple but honest one. I said that my nationalist commitments overrode petty disputes with a party that had a good chance of success.
I was a founder member of the BNP and although I am considered these days to be persona non grata by the leadership, old loyalties are hard to dismiss. I wish them well.