Saturday, January 07, 2006

Plodding on

The first week of 2006 is gone. I suppose that all I have to look forward to for the next few weeks is cold damp weather. It makes me wish that I were a bear and could hibernate until the spring!
I went searching for some information for a friend yesterday but I drew a blank. However, I did get a couple of promising leads so I'll be pursuing those early next week.

I've been looking through some old diaries today and found that I was doing very similar things all through the 70s on this day; it's quite amazing!
Monday Jan 8th 1973... 'Took Iris to Midhill Club.'
Monday Jan 7th 1974... 'Went to Arundel Club.'
Tuesday Jan 7th 1975... 'Took Iris to a New Year dance' (She loved dancing)
Wednesday Jan 7th 1976... 'Went to Carlton Cabaret Club.' I was performing there that evening.
Friday Jan 7th 1977... This is the odd one out... 'Took car for MOT test... Failed!'
Saturday Jan 7th 1978... 'Went to dance in Chesterfield. Won first prize in Latin American dancing. (we won a beautiful Waterford crystal salad bowl.)
Monday Jan 8th 1979... 'Took Iris to Grange Moor Club, West Yorks. (I was on that evening)
Monday Jan 7th 1980... 'Went to staff dance at Charnwood'
Sadly, there was no similar entry for 1981.

A couple of those years, January 7th fell on a Sunday. I was rarely with Iris on Sundays as I spent it at home with my family.

It's a similar story right through the 70s; just the two of us together.
Now, 25 years after her death, I'm still just as much in love with her as I ever was.

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