Saturday, January 14, 2006

Not much fun!

In the summer months, I spend quite a lot of my leisure time afloat. I have a boat moored on the River Trent and I go down to it most weekends.
In winter, it's a different story inasmuch that the weather isn't conducive to spending nights on board. However, there are quite a few boaters who gather together at weekends in the local pub and I usually get down there for a noggin and a natter. I have written a boating magazine for the past fifteen years and it has proved very popular in boat clubs and waterside pubs. It's amazing the lore and legend that is to be found up and down the waterways. There are stories of dragons, (yes, dragons) ghosts, murders and witchcraft and over the years, I have accumulated and published numerous accounts of these. In the winter months, I have to content myself with enjoying the company of my fellow boaters round a pub table reminiscing about the warm days of last summer! As I said, in winter, it's not much fun!

To continue the Iris saga...
After my disastrous faux pas on the Friday evening and the cool reception the following day, I knew I had to make up for my rash stupidity. Not only that but Monday was her birthday and I wanted to make it so very special for her.
I went to see her Sunday evening taking a big bunch of flowers with me. Iris wasn't expecting me so it was a surprise when I showed up. The flowers did the trick! Nobody had ever bought her flowers before in her life and she was most impressed. We chatted quite amiably for a while; I couldn't stay long as I had a prior engagement.
When I left, I was rewarded with a hug and a warm kiss.
I went away walking ten feet off the ground!

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