Sunday, July 02, 2006


With the warm sunny weather we are having at the moment, my thoughts turn to the summers of yesteryear. I am reminded of all the places we went to and all the friends we made. I wish I could savour some of those days again.

I wish I could walk hand-in-hand with Iris along a country lane in Derbyshire.
I wish I could be with her in one of our favourite pubs together with friends.
I wish I could sit with her on the beach at Berwick, rubbing sun-tan lotion on her shoulders.
I wish I could lie with her and feel her arms around me.
I wish I could make love to her just one more time.
I wish…. I wish!

Am I so very stupid wishing for the impossible? Please leave a comment

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Anonymous said...

no its not i beleive one day you will be reunited and your heaven will be her and you in shared memories of love. I beleive if you really truely love someone and no other (like in the bible, you should only have one partner) that is because your hearts desire takes you to them when you pass away if you love more than one you become torn and cannot experience heaven and spend eternity with the one you truly desire. being torn between loved ones in eternal ife is more dammin than being torn form one love in this life.