Sunday, July 23, 2006

A brief interlude

I don't particularly wish to tear myself away from reminiscing about our first holiday, but with the gorgeous Summer we’re having at the moment, it’s a shame to spend a lot of time indoors hunched up over a keyboard.
I’ve decided to get out and about as much as I can while the fine weather holds. Nothing give me greater pleasure that to sit outside a pub in Derbyshire drinking copious pints of cool ale!
I’m off back up to Scotland shortly for another few days and I’m also going down south to visit an old friend in Brighton. I haven’t seen her recently and I’m looking forward to a natter about old times.
A drive to Scotland is always enjoyable; I usually break my journey en route and stop overnight somewhere. A Brighton trip is much more hectic especially in the holiday season when the M25 is snarled up. Why anyone up here would want to spend a holiday there is beyond me! For instance a trip to Scotland means an opportunity to stock up with various rare malts. What does one bring back from Brighton?

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