Sunday, July 16, 2006

Where have you gone?

It was about this time in July 1973 that Iris and I had our first real holiday together. I am currently writing an account of this as you will see. I posted Part 1 a few days ago
I started thinking about it this evening as I was preparing Part 2 and I was feeling very sad at the memories it brought back.
I started doodling around and came up with a poem that illustrated my sadness. You may not like it; you may think it's soppy and over-dramatic.
You may even wonder why I continue torturing myself over someone who has been dead for 25 years?
Sorry, I'm still in love with her and I just can't let go!

Where have you gone? July 2006

The summer days we shared were always warm and bright.
They beckon; faded dreams, like shadows haunting me.
But you are gone away and vanished from my sight,
I stand alone where once we walked in loving harmony.
Where have you gone, my love?

The years passed by, the times we loved together
The many hopes we shared; the days we spent as one,
The happiness we had; we always thought would last forever
Those days have slipped away; now evermore, you’re gone
Where have you gone, my love?

Try as I may, I can’t forget the deepest love I had for you.
Those precious golden years; the years that meant so very much.
The things that we enjoyed; those things bring memories anew
So sad I’ll never feel again your warm caress, your gentle touch.
Where have you gone, my love?

I look into the sky and wish in vain to see your face,
I gaze into the mist but you’re no longer there.
I search my heart but only find a void, an empty space,
I wait in constant hope; I want to see you everywhere.
Where have you gone, my love?