Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tiny minds

It would appear that some of the contents of my blog may be used to attempt to discredit me by a tiny group of trouble-makers. I know who they are and why they are doing it.
A blog is a personal diary and is open for all to see. I am perfectly confident that there is no material in here whatsoever that is of a controversial or damaging nature.
Obviously, some people with small minds may choose to think differently. All I can say is that I shall continue writing for the pleasure and enjoyment of those who appreciate it. End of!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those peole know of no true love, or walking once where your loved one walked, they show no emotion only emptiness provided by the world in which we live. To step into someones life and reachout at their feelings is a priveledge, to undertsand and to admire the true beauty is priceless, to step into a world constructed of love is a gift. Those who dont appreciate this are uneducated fools, full of despare and anger, they live empty lives with no feeling for beauty.