Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Holiday romance

This is a poem I wrote one day in Berwick while Iris was sunbathing on the beach. She looked so wonderfully attractive in her bikini. I just had to capture the scene as a reminder of our very first holiday together. I took lots of photographs of that holiday but alas, they were lost along with a lot more stuff.

To my darling on our holiday July 1973

I saw you barefoot as you walked along the sand,
The rolling wavelets gently lapping round your feet,
And I was there beside you walking hand in hand,
The splendid magic of that moment was complete.

That summer’s day with you was one of heaven sent,
We had no cares, no doubts, no fears to cloud the day.
Sharing our hopes, our dreams, where ere we went,
It seemed as though we were a thousand miles away.

And later, in the stillness of the evening air,
With loving arms around you; how I held you tight,
So closely now, to smell the fragrance of your hair,
And lay beside you there until the morning light.

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Anonymous said...

I think to myself as i read and read, will i be able to hold these memories like your memories of cherished moments, of time spent with one so dear? Small glimpses into a world of endless love, i hope i find true love as perfect as these memories of yours... i read and float into my own fantasie...........