Sunday, April 02, 2006

Why did I bother?

In the last few days, I have been asked to help in a local election campaign.
The BNP is standing in a few areas in my city and I was approached by one of the candidates to produce some election leaflets; I agreed to do this. I edited and amended the draft leaflet accordingly to make it more presentable and printed them.
This was a job that I enjoyed doing. It gave me some satisfaction that I was, in some small way, contributing to the BNP’s prospects in the forthcoming elections.
I was asked by several of my nationalist friends why I bothered to do this for a party that has proscribed me. My answer was a simple but honest one. I said that my nationalist commitments overrode petty disputes with a party that had a good chance of success.
I was a founder member of the BNP and although I am considered these days to be persona non grata by the leadership, old loyalties are hard to dismiss. I wish them well.

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