Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A memorable weekend

The weekend of April 12th-14th was one of absolute delight.
Friday evening saw me working a local club and Andrea (my secretary) and colleagues from work came to see me. It was a favourite venue of mine and I always went down pretty well there. During the evening, I was lucky enough to win the ‘Tote.’ This was a ‘Pick your numbers and hope they come up’ sort of thing. I found that I’d won £85! It was a considerable amount of money in 1973 so after the show, we all went to a very up-market Chinese restaurant for a meal on me. Later, back home, Iris was in a very tender mood and we were still in bed at 10am the next morning!
We went out into Derbyshire that Saturday afternoon and stayed out until the evening, getting back about 8pm. It was too late to get changed to go out so we had an early night. I got up the next day, Sunday, feeling tired but so very happy! I remember writing a poem for her later that night and I gave it to her the following day. This was, unfortunately, one of many that disappeared. It was one of my better poems and I’ve tried to remember it but I can only recall a few fragments. That selfish bitch of a sister had a lot to answer for!

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