Monday, April 10, 2006

Getting stuck into things

Following my production of an election leaflet for the BNP, another candidate asked me if I would design and print one for his area. I was shown a copy of the leaflet issued by their HQ and I was saddened to see such an appalling and slovenly produced document. It was riddled with errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar and this fired me into producing a leaflet that would shame it!
I had to write and express my disapproval to the originator of the first leaflet, pointing out various errors. Naturally, I received no reply. The moron wouldn’t have understood, anyway!
As I said, a publication is the shop window of the Party and as such, should be without fault. Just a little care would have prevented such errors but it didn't surprise me to be totally ignored! Nevertheless, I shall continue to make every effort to help in this election; proscribed or not!

Ps… Anyone out there knows where to get cheap toners for an Oki C3100 printer, please let me know! Colour cartridges at £70 and black at £30 is a bit over the top!

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