Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring has sprung!

The last few days have been decidedly more Spring-like after the dull cold days of Winter.
The Spring of 1973 saw quite a few warm days; a rarity in some years and we made the most of it.
Iris and I took advantage of the weather and we spent three or four weekends in April out and about all over the place.
We would leave home early Friday evening and check into a pre-booked hotel or pub and spend the whole of the next day exploring the area. Saturday evenings, we would return home until Sunday morning when I would return to my family.
W had our favourite haunts; I always loved the Peak District of Derbyshire and never tired of taking Iris there. She favoured a coastal trip to Scarborough or Whitby. She always said that she had missed out on seaside holidays as a child and just loved walking on the beach licking an ice-cream cornet! Simple pleasures but it made my heart dance to see her so happy.

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