Saturday, April 15, 2006

My political life

I started being interested in nationalist politics when I was in my early twenties. I have held positions in various parties ranging from Area Branch Leader to Party Leader!
From my early days, I took to public speaking like a duck to water and down the years, built a reputation as one of the leading nationalist speakers in the country.
I have spoken in Trafalgar Square at the big rallies of yesteryear and at meetings in every major town and city. I was trained and encouraged by the greatest man I ever knew. He was both friend and mentor to me as well as being a great nationalist leader. He was Sir Oswald Mosley and his followers and I worshipped the very ground he walked on.
There are many stories I could narrate about my political life but it isn’t a subject that is suitable for this blog. Iris was non-political when we first met but she later began to accompany me to meetings occasionally and always attended annual dinners and social functions. She was very popular with other nationalists; one or two even admitted to falling in love with her! I was always proud to have her by my side at these events.
My wife, however, was always a staunch nationalist and her claim to fame is that she was the first woman nationalist to stand in an election after the war and the first woman to stand as a candidate for Mosley. Her greatest moment was when Sir Oswald first dined with us. She must have made a good impression on him with her cuisine because he dined with us again on a future occasion!
I shall not dwell on my nationalist activities but I could literally write a complete book about them!

The writer with Sir Oswald Mosley taken in April 1959 at Islington Corner The man on the left was Frank Hamley, Yorks. Regional Organiser.

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