Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring '73... Settling down

As the weeks passed, Iris and I were managing to spend more and more time together. I would stay overnight Fridays right through to Sunday mornings.
I always finished work a little earlier on Fridays and I would pick Iris up from work and take her shopping. This was a most novel experience for me as normally I hated and detested shopping at any price. However, I found myself going round the shops and markets with her buying such mundane things as bread, milk, vegetables and all manner of meats and groceries. The surprising thing was that I enjoyed it!
I would help her to prepare meals; something I rarely did at home. I would do my share of washing up and other chores. We were acting just like newly-weds and we were so very much in love!
Although we still went out quite a lot to clubs and dances, we began to appreciate a night in together every so often, just watching TV. Other times I would be reading while Iris did some ironing or something. These simple things that I took for granted at home took on a new life with Iris. We just wanted to be together as much and as often as we could.
It was towards the end of March that I wrote what I always considered my best poem. It epitomised the very essence of Iris and my love for her.

To Iris, just for being you…. March 1973

Iris of the laughing eyes
Smiling at me as by her side I stay,
And I recall ‘twas just the other day
I met my Iris of the laughing eyes.
And she looks at me.

Iris of the laughing eyes,
Fragrant as the bloom that bears her name.
Holding her close by the flickering firelight flame,
I see my Iris of the laughing eyes
And she looks at me.

Iris of the loving eyes,
Lying together whilst our arms entwine.
Soft tender kisses as her lips meet mine,
I hold my Iris of the loving eyes.
And she looks at me.

Iris of the tiger eyes,
Pouring fierce kisses on her eager face.
Much closer now, caressing every place,
As I become the lover of those tiger eyes
And she looks at me

Iris of the tender eyes,
Lying beside me; our passion spent and over.
So gentle now, since I became her lover,
And I adore my Iris of the tender eyes
And we look at each other!

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Gabrielle said...

When love comes along there is never enough time to put all your efforts in. You just love and love and never think of ends and before you can imagine tomorrow it's already gone. Sweet passion is the most amazing you can embrace. You my friend were able to embrace the most amazing and well the rest of us only hope for 5 minutes of that, although I too am lucky enough to have my own love. Embrace what you have while you have it.