Thursday, January 18, 2007

Something has happened!

About three months ago, I was introduced to a very attractive lady who claimed to be a witch. Yes, a real live witch; although she is a white witch and a follower of the Wiccan faith. In order to preserve her privacy, I shall refer to her as ‘R’.
She began to explain to me the basics of Wicca and, after she gave me a Tarot reading, said that I was deeply troubled but would find an inner peace.
I had never been one for any religion before but she discovered my lasting grief over Iris and said that there was no need to mourn her as she was with me already and always had been.
This I found so very hard to swallow but she said she would prove it to me. She gave me a piece of quartz crystal a candle and a plaited ribbon. It was a spell.
‘R’ has been practising witchcraft since her early teens. She explained to me that the weaving of the silken ribbons was an age-old ritual, hence ‘weaving a spell’!
She told me to place the crystal and the ribbons beside the photograph of Iris and light the candle for one hour each day at the same time for seven days. She gave me further instructions what to do and these, I followed to the letter. She told me that ‘Things would start to happen.’ I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, if anything, but I gave it a whirl.
Astonishingly, things HAVE started to happen. I am beginning to shake off my morbid obsession of grief and I now feel a warmth I have never felt in a very long time. Iris is still in my thoughts but I don’t feel as sad as I did before when thinking about her. This was most noticeable on her birthday a couple of days ago. Normally, I would sit and brood over her death and live through the agony of losing her. This time, I was remembering not just the sadness but the good times and the pleasures we had shared.

At Yuletide, ‘R’ gave me a silver pentagram pendant that I have worn ever since she gave it to me. It’s very strange but it has become part of me. I don’t yet fully understand the Wiccan cult but I intend to learn a lot more about it. This is so very unlike me indeed; I have always eschewed any religious doctrine as anyone who knows me will confirm. However, Wicca predates many religions and has its roots in both Norse and Greek history. ‘R’ is one of the very few people I know who shows understanding as to how I feel about Iris. She has taught me that my grief is unnecessary as she is very close to me even now. I am, indeed, very grateful for her help and understanding.
Bless├ęd be!


Anonymous said...

This is very much out of character for you Graeme.
This witch must be a bloody cracker!

Graeme said...

She is!!!