Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cold days coming

Last November, I commented that there were two periods in the year that were, to me, most depressing. One of them is the run-up towards Yuletide and the other is just after the New Year.
Yule is now a distant memory and the sluggish progress towards Spring has just started. All we have to look forward to right now is snow, gales, frost, icy roads and a continuation of bloody cold weather!
I hate the cold weather more than anything else. I find it so very disagreeable to perform the simplest of tasks in the cold outdoors. Checking tyres on a windswept garage forecourt, going from store to store on a shopping expedition and coming out of the shower into a freezing-cold bathroom!
Another thing that bugs me is my having to wait for what seems like an interminable length of time before the car heater kicks in to dispel the mist on the windscreen and the shivers down my back!
I once saw a man in freezing weather washing his car down outside his house. Personally, I would firmly recommend that people like him should be certified!

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