Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year #2!

It was New Year’s Eve a year ago that I first started this blog. At first, I wasn’t sure I would continue it but, encouraged by a friend, I kept it going and I have never regretted it. The blog has become a refuge where I can lose myself in either sadness or happiness. I can shed a tear over the bad times and remember the good times. Some of the bad times were very bad but the good times far outweighed them once the dark early days of January 1973 had gone.
For the future, who knows? I shall continue with the blog and hope to entertain readers with our story. I suppose that the narrative of Iris and me is, to some, just another love story; something that can be found in the pages of a Mills & Boon novel. To us, however, it was our life, our dream!
This New Year, I shall be thinking of her and almost wishing I were religious. If I were, I could look forward to a wonderful reunion and another life together.
As it is, there is nothing left. Her ashes that I scattered on the Berwick sands are long gone. They have been pounded by incoming tides twice a day for over 26 years! Only her memory remains; only the heartache still lingers.


Ellie said...

Graeme, that last bit was so sad. Can't you try and forget your loss?
I know you and you'll make yourself ill.

Anonymous said...

What about your wife & offspring, surely you should be thinking of them and not Iris ??

Ellie said...

That last bit was so sad Graeme.
I've known you so long and you're tearing yourself to bits. Try and forget, just a little bit.