Thursday, January 25, 2007


The other morning, I woke up to find that my car had been broken into. The passenger side window had been smashed and my radio/CD player removed.
On contacting the local police, I was told that there had been a number of thefts of radios of my model as they contained a chip that could be used to obtain free television programmes. They gave me a crime incident number for me to pass on to my insurance company. As far as they were concerned, that was the end of the matter!
The window was replaced within 24 hours and it was pointed out to me that the window surround had been severely damaged by a bar or large screwdriver. After fitting a new window, it was found that the electric mechanism was jammed! I also discovered that two pairs of specs had been taken from the glove compartment and deliberately smashed. This act of sheer vandalism is costing my insurers quite a lot. Not only does it concern the replacement of a radio and window but the bodywork repairs are also necessary. It also means that I may be without transport for a couple of days. Although my insurers were very helpful and reimbursed me for the cost of the specs and authorised a garage to replace the damaged parts, it was still a bloody inconvenience!
The new radio/CD player is brilliant. It can do everything but talk back to me. However, I’ll have to browse through an inch-thick manual even to understand half the functions. A better idea would to let my ten-year old grandson loose with it. He would sort it in two minutes flat!

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