Saturday, May 20, 2006

When my mother met Iris

About a year after I had met Iris, my mother suspected I was seeing someone else and was worried that it may affect my marriage. She loved my wife and treated her like a favourite daughter. As I said before, mother had a very intuitive ‘sixth sense.’ She didn’t confront me with this but she let slip certain innuendos that she was aware of something.
One day, Iris was waiting for me to pick her up from shopping in town one Saturday morning. I suggested that she waited for me in a small coffee-shop in the city centre. It was a popular place to meet, a little up-market and by the time I got there it was pretty crowded.
As I approached the table where Iris was sitting, I saw to my horror that mother was sharing her table! I waited for the floor to open and swallow me but of course, it didn’t!
Mother spoke first; she said to Iris something like, “Excuse me but would you mind awfully if my son joins us?” Unfortunately, Iris had already got to her feet to plant a big kiss on my cheek!
What the hell to do now? I mumbled something about a small world and I had to introduce her to mother. A rather cold comment followed saying “So you’re the woman my son is having an affair with? Iris was very subdued and didn’t know what to say. I told mother that it was more than just an affair. She intimated that this was no place for such a discussion and she would speak to me later! We had finished our shopping and I offered her a lift home which she accepted.
Once home, mother had mellowed a little and did the age-old thing of putting the kettle on! Over a couple of cups of tea, I explained how I felt about Iris. I sat next to her holding her hand as I spoke. Surprisingly enough, mother said that as long as nobody got hurt, she wouldn’t say anything. She never did. However, she did insist that she meet Iris again for a “little chat.” Iris was a bit uncomfortable about this but she went ahead with it and it didn’t take her long to convince mother that we were genuinely in love. After that, they got on quite well together. That was Iris though; nobody could ever dislike her, not even my wife when they eventually met. (And what a day that was!)

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