Thursday, May 25, 2006

A delightful weekend

Towards the end of May, Iris and I were invited to a long weekend in Berwick-on-Tweed by the friends who owned the big 8-berth caravan we were going to book later in the year. This came at a very convenient time as my wife was taking the kids to a relative while visiting the Chelsea Flower Show. She is a keen gardener and loves anything like this.
Iris and I left late Friday afternoon after work and arrived in Berwick around 8pm. There were six of us there and it was a very enjoyable few days; Monday was a bank holiday. Neither of us had been to Berwick before so it was equally new to both of us.
Saturday morning was spent going round the town and later in the day we went across the border to Eyemouth, a small Scottish fishing village. There was a very good restaurant there called the Lobster Pot where we had dinner that evening. We called back on the way to the caravan at a pub on the English side of the border called the Meadow House Hotel. It was known locally as “The First and Last.” (First pub in England from Scotland and last pub in England before Scotland.)
Over the years, we went there every time we visited Berwick and we made a lot of friends including mine host, the landlord.
Monday came all too soon and we made our way back home via a small village called Seahouses on the Northumberland coast. The place was famous for its fish and chip restaurants and the quality was absolutely unsurpassable!
We eventually arrived home at 6.30pm tired but so very happy! I couldn’t stay the night as I had to get back home to wait for the family to return later that evening.

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