Sunday, May 07, 2006

Iris the gardener

Iris always liked to relax at home when we were not going out anywhere. She wasn’t a keen gardener and this is one of the rare moments that I found her actually doing something there. For the most part, she grew rhubarb and weeds but the rhubarb came in handy as she was an excellent pastry-cook and I enjoyed her rhubarb tarts and crumbles!
At first, she cooked the same things she had done for her mother over the years but she began to be a little more adventurous after she had been out more. Once, in our early days together, we had to put on a dinner party for six at very short notice. Iris was panicking about what to prepare but I saved the day. I went out to the local Chinky and got a huge variety of take-away stuff! With a couple of bottles of decent wine, everybody enjoyed the meal.

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