Sunday, February 11, 2007

Out of action...

I shall not be around next week as I have to go into hospital on Tuesday for a minor surgical op.
I shouldn’t be away for more than a few days but during that time, I will not be able to be contacted.
Friends and regular readers know my personal land line home number and any messages for me can be relayed by my family. My mobile will not be on during my stay in dock. I shall, however, have a bedside telephone but until I get one, I won’t know the number.
I shall be in the best of care; I shall have plenty of books and newspapers. I will have access to my own television and radio transmission and I am reliably informed that the grub isn’t bad! I hope to be home within a few days although I won’t be chasing around for a bit.
All donations; grapes, chocs, cans of coke and cheques from wealthy admirers gratefully received. Don’t bother with flowers and ffs no bloody wreaths!

ps… Before I go, I shall publish our anniversary blog.
pps. I know I shall not be alone in there! Thank you R… Blesséd be!


Anonymous said...

will be sending possitive energies to you, have cast a circle n healing is already on its way..... blessed be

Graeme said...

Thank you R..
I knew you would give me your support when I needed it.