Monday, February 12, 2007

Our first anniversary Feb. 1974

St. Valentine’s Day was always regarded as our anniversary.
It was on the eve of this day a year ago that Iris and I first made love. 1973 saw us develop from a shaky relationship to a deep and meaningful partnership.
We celebrated our first year together by going for a meal at our favourite pub. Yes, the Scotsman’s Pack in Hathersage! It was a Wednesday and snowing hard! It was very quiet in the Pack as the weather had kept most people away. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the meal and we lingered there until almost
. As I sat and looked at her, I felt so very proud to have such a wonderful girl in love with me!
It took us about an hour to get back home as the roads were icy and no gritters had been out where we were. Once back home, we hit the hay and spent a very special night together. I had written a poem for the occasion earlier that day and I gave it to her as she lay beside me.

To my love on our first anniversary

I found you in the winter of the year
And waited longingly for you to show you cared,
And aching arms cried out to hold you near.
All through those winter days, my heart so dared
My love to grow.

And as spring came, I knew I loved you more,
I saw your feelings for me start to flower,
And knowing not such love like this before,
Dreamt wondrous thoughts and hoping every hour
Your love to grow.

And as the golden days passed one by one,
Gazing at you, I saw that love was there.
I knew that winter’s doubts and fears were gone.
As I caressed you softly in the summer air,
Your love did grow.

The leaves turn autumn brown and fall away,
But you and I, my love, are still together,
And through the night as in my arms you lay,
I know the happiness we have will last forever.
And our love will grow.

Full circle now, the year has turned around.
This New Year sees us share a love so tender.
With each and every winter will be found
The memories of that first embrace; I shall remember
s our love still grows.

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Carla said...

Thank you for yet another wonderful poem. Your talent is really amazing!