Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back in circulation!

After spending a week in hospital for an urgent operation, I’m back home.
I have been advised to take things easy for a few days as I was filled up with dope to alleviate post-operation pain. The pain was so intense that even the drugs couldn’t help much.
However, my guardian witch cast healing spells for me and sent wave after wave of relief to me while I was recuperating after surgery. You may think that this is a complete load of bollocks but she certainly devoted quite a lot of time and energy in ensuring that I would recover quickly.
I would like to thank all my friends and readers for their messages and phone calls. They were very much appreciated.
Thank you R… I owe you a night out at least and I’m going to organise one as soon as I get back on my feet again.

Blesséd be and merry moot.


Anonymous said...

dont worry about the spell casting it was done with much love for a very dear freind,glad i could be of some assistance to you, i noticce there are quite alot of vile comments in your tag box, ignore them htey are merely idiots,
hope you are well on the way to frecovery and you know where i am if you need anything acane. blessings to you and your people

Graeme said...

I really appreciate your concern for me and the way you have helped me.
It means a lot when you show your care and your close friendship.