Thursday, March 16, 2006

Profile of Iris

I have been asked why I have never published any photographs of Iris until recently. The simple truth is that most of the pics and poetry were lost shortly after her death when the house was cleared out by her relatives in my absence. I was left with just a few negatives and about a dozen poems that I came across in the debris.
Twenty-five years later, I had the negatives processed but time and bad storage left their mark on the prints. However, I have managed to reproduce a couple for this blog.
Unfortunately, these pics don't do her justice; she was so very attractive!

Some details about Iris…

Eyes… Grey
Hair… Dark, long and curly (later, shorter and curly) Statistics 34 – 24 – 34
Dress size 10
General description… Adorable!

Favourite place… Berwick-on-Tweed
Favourite drink… White wine; Calvados
Favourite music… Latin American
Favourite group… Los Paraguayos
Favourite song… Guantanamera
Favourite film… Singing in the Rain
Favourite actor… Sean Connery
Favourite actress…Ida Lupino (Iris looked very much like her)
Favourite perfume… Ma Griffe
Favourite flowers… Carnations
Favourite activity… Dancing
Favourite pet… Smokie (A pedigree silver tabby)
Favourite man… Me!

The above pics were taken in 1974. Smokie had grown a bit since the last pic of her. Cuddling Smokie was almost as nice as cuddling Iris!

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