Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A memorable weekend

Saturday Feb 24th 1973
That weekend was one of the happiest times we had together since our first meeting. Everything about it was marvellous. We had the weekend all to ourselves and we were in love!
Saturday afternoon we went into Derbyshire and although it was pretty cold, the scenery was still great. There was snow on the ground but that just enhanced the panorama. Derbyshire has always been a favourite stomping-ground for me and to share it with Iris gave me added pleasure.
I remember showing Iris a peculiar rock formation called the Toad’s Mouth. It looked for all the world like a huge squatting toad. Iris clambered on top of it and I took a pic of her there. I took quite a few pics of Iris that day but sadly, none survived.
Saturday evening saw us in a club again surrounded by my work friends. Andrea asked when I would be coming back for good and I said I hoped it wouldn’t be too long. She said the boss she was working for was a pig! Iris must have said something to her as later, Andrea gave me a huge conspiratorial wink!
Little known to me, Andrea had organised a sweepstake at work a couple of weeks earlier. The winner was the person who would correctly predict when Iris and I finally “cracked it”! The winner was one of the girls in my department who guessed it would be St. Valentine’s Eve. She walked away twenty quid the richer!
Sundays, I usually spent with my family back home but this weekend was ours! We went back out into Derbyshire for lunch to one of my favourite hostelries in Hathersage. I’d been going there since my teens and I knew it well. The landlord kept a pet fox and it was very tame. Iris delighted in cuddling it. Later that day we went to see a Latin-American duo at a local club. They were called “Los Rios” and they were extremely good. Iris loved Latin-American music.
I stayed all night with Iris and l dropped her off at work before going home to my family. It was only for a couple of days as I was due back down Falmouth on Wednesday. That Wednesday was the last day in February, God, how that month had flown by!

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I think it is great that you are releasng what you think in a very therapeutic way. Keep it up, it is very realxing and i for one enjoy reading it.