Friday, February 10, 2006

Falmouth again

I shuddered at the prospect of driving 350 miles down to Falmouth and then back again for the weekend so I caught the train. I was lucky going down there as there was only one change at Birmingham. Coming back on the Saturday morning, however, I had to change three times, Plymouth, Birmingham and Derby! It was early evening when I finally arrived home and I was cold and tired from the journey. Trains in those days were usually cold and draughty with little or no heating. I didn’t see Iris at all that weekend as I thought I’d better spend some time with my family.
I was fortunate that my employers were very generous with time and travel expenses. I managed to get the Monday and Tuesday off the next week in return for working through the following weekend. This seemed fair enough as, after that time, I should have finished the job down there for the time being. Every few weeks, I would be required to go down to monitor a situation but this was only for a few days at a time. In actual fact, it came in handy during the summer when I took Iris with me and she enjoyed a couple of mini-holidays in Cornwall. I know Cornwall well, as it was where I took the family each year.
Iris, of course, was working and all I saw of her was when she got back home in the evening but I stayed with her overnight before I had to go back to Falmouth again.

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