Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Iris... My Darling Valentine!

Those of you who have been reading my blog will know that St. Valentine’s Day was so very special to us. I feel so bloody lonely and helpless today. I miss her so very much!
It was in the early hours of this day in 1973 that we first made love. It was a turning-point in our lives and we came to regard it as our anniversary. Today would have been our 33rd.
I always wrote a verse for her this day and we would go out in the evening for an anniversary dinner. After her death, I said that I would never write another romantic poem. However, this year, I tried to capture some of her memory in verse but I failed miserably after the first few stanzas. It’s not the best poetry I’ve written but all my skills appear to have deserted me in that direction.

Remembering you February 2006

My darling Iris, although you’re gone,
My heart’s still filled with love for you.
And those brief years we were as one
Bring memories anew.

In dreams I see you by my bed,
Forever young, I see your face,
And put my arms around your head
In a last embrace.

All through the time we’ve been apart,
My love for you did never wane.
You were my life, my love, my heart,
I want you back again!

I’m sorry, I can’t write any more today; possibly a kind word would help.


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elizabeth adele said...

I loved the poetry and i am sorry for your sadness surrounding this day. If it means anything i believe that she is watching over you, smiling, and she wants you to not be upset, but instead just smile back. The past creeps up on us a lot of the time in life, but at the same time it desn't mean any of us likes it, and we just have to take life one breath at a time. :) Take it easy.