Saturday, May 19, 2007

To those who said she’d never make it!

When Sarah fled her home three days after her sixteenth birthday, the consensus of opinion was that she would be back within a month. She would be clamouring to return home, a sadder but wiser girl. Over six months have passed and although a lot wiser, sadness has never come into it!Sarah has bonded with her new family and is an accepted and respected member of her community.

There is a small selection of pics here to give you an idea of Sarah’s present lifestyle.
Eat your heart out!!!!

Sarah busy on her estate!

Planting out in her herb garden

Target practice!

Below is Sarah's pet snake

Don’t tread on me! Christopher Gadsden 1724-1805)

"And don't tread on me either!" (Sarah Cain 1990-?)

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