Thursday, May 17, 2007

The long-awaited pics...

The kittens are not yet a month old and these are the very first shots of them.
They are still a little wobbly on their legs but they are so very, very, adorable!

This is Jet

Jasper, Jet and Amber

Here they are again!


Can you imagine anything more beautiful? I can't wait until Amber is old enough to leave her mum.


odinsgal88 said...

I'm not really a cat person myself as you know but that is a cute kitty.

"Amber" suits her; did you know Amber (the resin, not the critter) is said to transmute negative energy into positive?

Graeme said...

This is quite true, OG. It is why some people keep a piece of amber next to their Tarot cards.

odinsgal88 said...

I keep my amber in the pot I grow my lucky bamboo in; my tarot cards are wrapped in a cloth with a chip of amethyst - supposed to help with tuning in angels and guides.

I prefer runes though; have a handmade set that Mr OG made some years ago and seem to have quite a good rate of accuracy with them.