Monday, April 23, 2007

A most happy event...!

Yesterday, my daughter’s cat had kittens. Three beautiful bundles of fur; one black and two ginger.
Naturally, they don’t have their eyes open yet and are so very, very tiny.
I’m a sucker for animals, especially cats and we have decided to adopt one of the ginger kittens
I don’t know how this decision will go down with Tiffi, our present lovable and adored pussy but I think she may take to the newcomer very well.
It will be a couple of months before they can be separated from their mum and in the meantime, we have to think of a suitable name for him/her.
Forty years ago, we had a couple of ginger cats called Rusty and Rufus who both lived for over 20 years. They were wonderful companions.
Any suggestions for a name for this one?


Anonymous said...

If you're adopting the ginger one and he's a tom then how about Alan, after our ginger World Cup hero who died just a day after the cat was born.

Failing that, how about Chivers after the great British marmalade whose name was scrapped when the company became a victim of globalisation.

Both would be fine patriotic names.

Graeme said...

I am in no way a football supporter so 'Alan' would not appeal.
'Chivers' though, sounds pretty good and I shall seriously consider it. Thanks for your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Jasper and Amber also sound eminently suitable so the mog is truly spoilt for choice.

I've taken in a stray with a missing tail and settled on the name 'Stubbs' for her.

btw, we don't know each other although I believe we might have briefly said hello at a nationalist gathering a couple of decades ago. I simply enjoy reading your blog.

And the reason for the stange timings of my posts is that I live and work in Asia. The UK just became so depressing that I decided a while back to be a stranger in somebody else's country rather than a stranger in my own.