Monday, April 30, 2007

April in Paris Easter 1974 (Pt. 4)

As I explained earlier, it was a mini-break and Sunday came all too soon. We were due to return that evening on the night ferry but at least we had all day Sunday to spend looking around the city.
We saw a very lively market and browsed around for a bit before lunching in a quiet bistro.
Afterwards, we walked along a large shopping centre in the heart of
Paris where many of the shops were open; I’d forgotten about the Continental Sundays!
Suddenly Iris gave a shriek that nearly deafened me.. “Look at that!” she cried. “That” was a cocktail length dress in deep scarlet. I must admit it looked very good. (and also very expensive!) Iris looked at the dress and looked at me. I remembered my promise to buy her a new dress while we were here so we entered the boutique. We looked around but Iris only had eyes for the scarlet creation; she tried it on. Iris was a very standard shape, 34B (just) and a slim waist. The dress fitted and she swirled around in front of the mirror! She looked exquisite in it but there again, she would have looked just as good in a bin-liner to my eyes! I remember thinking as we walked out of the shop with Iris clutching a large bag with the boutique’s name boldly emblazoned on it, that it was going to cost me another packet to take her somewhere to wear it when we got back home!

We left Paris at around 4pm and had a surprise stop at Amiens. We went into the city where dinner had been arranged. Before that, we ambled around the old place. It was the scene of a battle in August 1918 when Australian troops captured the city from German occupation.
An interesting fact is that in the cathedral, which was built in the early 13th Century, is kept the head of John the Baptist! Every year on July 24th, the head is paraded round the place on a cushion. Mind you, as Iris pointed out, it must be a bit niffy by now!
We left
Amiens around 8pm and headed back to Calais and the ferry. For some reason or other, we missed one sailing and had to wait until 11.15 pm before we could board.
The night crossing was uneventful and there were no delays passing through customs. In those days, the limit on cigs. was 200 per person and as both of us smoked, we made sure we got our full allocation!
We got back home just before 5am Monday. We were tired but we had enjoyed the break immensely.
Monday was a bank holiday, of course but we spent most of the day in bed catching up on some sleep. We went out that evening with some friends and Iris regaled them with the weekend trip. She said that she wanted to go again; I promised her that we would!


rita said...

May I point out a few flaws or rather misguided points in your post?

First it is only alledged that the Cathedral contains the head of John the Baptist and is in noway a "fact" as you have tried to put it.

Several different locations claim to possess the severed head of John the Baptist.

Muslim tradition maintains that the head of John the Baptist is interred in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.

In medieval times it was rumored that the Knights Templar had possession of the head, and multiple records from their Inquisition in the early 1300s make reference to some form of head worship.

Some Christians believe that the head on display in San Silvestro in Capite in Rome is that of John the Baptist.

Amiens Cathedral claims the head as a relic brought from Constantinople by Wallon de Sarton as he was returning from the Fourth Crusade.

Some believe that it is buried in the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. Others believe the current location to be in Turkish Antioch, or southern France.

John's right hand, with which he baptised Jesus, is said to be in the possession of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Cetinje monastery.

The relics of John the Baptist are also said to be in the possession of the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of Saint Macarius the Great in Scetes, Egypt.

It is said John the Baptist's arm and piece of his skull can be found at the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

And just for the record the floor of the Cathedral famously contains the swastika against a ground of interlocking white swastikas.

Graeme said...

I would grant that you are perfectly correct in this matter
That short trip to Amiens was the first and last time I went there and we were shown round the cathedral by one of the Curés there.

I suppose it's rather like the hairs of the prophet, Mohammed. I would surmise that there are enough of them scattered about to stuff a three piece suite!
However, you made an interesting observation even though you are not Rita! There are several very good reasons to believe you are not her.

rita said...

You are right otherwise the Beatles will owe me alot of money

"Lovely Rita meter maid
nothing can come between us
When it gets dark I tow your heart away"

My husband thinks its funny because I used to be a traffic warden

Graeme said...

A Traffic Warden forsooth!
Then you chucked your job in and became a lovable lady once more!!!