Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Unwelcome comments

It was over a year ago that I started this blog, the purpose of which was to create a lasting memory to my partner who died so very tragically some time ago.
Interspersed with narratives and anecdotes about our life together, have been other postings that I thought would engender some interest to my readers. They range from personal reminiscences to recent events.
I have never sought to use this blog as a weapon to denigrate anyone unfairly with whom I may have disagreed. The only time I have expressed my anger was against a very tiny minority who posted libellous statements against my partner and me. Apart from that, I have always tried to encourage posts both in the comments section and in the tag-box. Fair criticism is always welcomed and counter-criticism is also allowed.
Recently, however, there has been a spate of invective that has, unfortunately, gone beyond the bounds of that which can be accepted. In every case, these messages are posted under an anonymous name and in order to circumvent this state, I shall alter the tag-box so that only those who provide a genuine url or e-mail address will be allowed to post. This, I think, is only fair to everyone.
One person who appears to be getting undue flak is a close friend who moderates my blog when I’m away. The comments are directed at her and have nothing whatsoever to do with the blog. As a moderator, she has the unenviable task of having to delete objectionable posts. She has my total trust in this matter and I’m very grateful for her help.

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