Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wonderful days

As the Spring of 1973 continued, the weather was remarkably good and during June, it was warm and sunny day after day.
I had taken my family down to Cornwall as usual for a week and, as previously recorded, I had to return there to Falmouth a few days later to sort out a few problems for my company. Iris had gone down with me but it wasn’t much of a holiday for her as I was working most of the time.
On returning home, I found that I had several club bookings which prevented us from going very far. Iris came with me to most of the venues but there wasn’t an awful lot of glamour in places like Heckmondwike, Worksop or Barnsley! However, we did find a couple of weekends free and spent them in the Peak District of Derbyshire.
We both needed to get completely away for more than just a few days and we were looking forward so very much to the fortnight we had booked at the end of July in Berwick. The warm weather and being together as much as we could, prompted me to write more poetry for her. This is one that I penned around this time.

To my darling Iris, just for you.

I know my love. Her love for me does show
In sweet and tender ways. So well I know
That she does love me.

I look at her and gaze into those eyes
Which melt my heart and makes me realize
That she does love me.

We do not have to prove to one another,
Our feelings, which we bear so very much.
The simple things that shows she is my lover;
A look, a kiss, or just a simple touch.

I see my love; I see her every day,
To hold her close and listen to her say
That she does love me.

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