Saturday, June 03, 2006

Feeling so low today

I’m feeling very low today…
I keep thinking of Iris and it’s making me so very sad. I’m not religious but if I were, then I would say that God was a bastard for taking her away from me!
We had eight years of sheer happiness and since then, I’ve had over 25 years of being without her.
I’m a grown man, ffs, and I sometimes cry like a baby!
Last night, I sat down and wrote a poem to her; one she will never see but it helped me to release some of my sorrow. Those who read my blog may find it silly and maudlin… I don’t give a shit; it’s how I feel!

Iris lives on in my heart!

Not for you, the wrinkled face of age,
No aching limbs; no thinning hair of grey.
The memory I have of you will never fade,
You'll be forever as you were that day.

Those soft grey eyes that looked at me so tenderly,
Those lips that spoke to me of love so true.
I see them now; you're with me constantly,
Though years apart, I'm still in love with you.

I can't forget the happiness we shared,
The many times that we were there together.
You were my love; the one for whom I really cared
I thought those days would always last forever.

Remembering those days when you were by my side,
I see you now as though you're still with me.
You will not change; the years can never hide
My love for you for all eternity.

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Anonymous said...

your heart burns for her and the bible does say that love conquers all evenin death.

You have that love the love to guide you to her and she the same. Dont be sad that iris had to leave before you, your story with her is unended it is not finished, it will continue when you both become reunited again. Your hearts glow like stars in the night sky burning for each other. Look to the stars you will see her heart and feel it. Dont be sad that your love ended so swift and short, for that is the begining of your true love affair, neither death nor life can break the bonds of true love. Ask a Christian who loves Jesus they will tell you that love never dies, so that love between you and iris will never die she will continue to love you from the heavens above and you love her from the world. behappy you have someone to love you from above and be assured you have someoneto love you when you reach that point. Many will not have that. So be happy my friend.