Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Simple pleasures

First of all, I must apologise for the huge delay in adding to my blog.
I have been indisposed for the last few weeks and have had no access to my PC. However, I reckon things are back to normal now.

All the time Iris and I were together, we were never bored. We didn’t have to be going out all the time to far-away places and expensive holidays. We found pleasure in all sorts of things and a lot of the pleasure on my part was to be able to tell Iris the history of various places and things on out travels.
Many were the times that she would ask about a building in town or a memorial she had seen. More often than not, I could tell her something about them. I’ve always possessed a brain choc-a-bloc with useless trivia and it became second nature to me. It wasn’t that Iris was thick; far from it. She’d had a reasonable education and even as a child, was quick to learn. It was just that in the past, she never had the opportunity to travel any distance. Her ignorance was merely due to the fact that she’d never been anywhere of note nor had she known anyone who could explain things to her.
However, she was an avid reader and could reel off information about things she had never seen but just read about.
Iris was no dummy when it came to work subjects. She was an expert shorthand typist and on the home front, she could use a sewing-machine like a qualified tailoress!
It became a standing joke among our friends when someone would ask about something and Iris would say, “Ok, Graeme, out with it!” As often as not, I could provide an answer.
If anyone had asked me to describe our lifestyle, I would have replied, “Idyllic.” That summed it up in just one word! We were as happy as pigs in muck!


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great blog of one aspect of your life. But have you ever thought of creating and keeping a blog of your experiences in nationalism. It could be run on similar lines to this one with remembrances of particular events. I’m sure that would also have a large following, possibly more so.
Rgds. John

Graeme said...

If I ever opened up my various closets, all sorts of skeletons would come tumbling out!
I have just about retired from active politics now and i'm concentrating on other interests, some of which may indeed surprise you!

Anonymous said...

I am sure if you do ever decide to tell us about your other interests it will be a welcome surprise.

PS “all sorts of skeletons would come tumbling out!”
That must be the understatement of the year.